An Introduction

Thanks for joining me and welcome to Young Professional Finance.

As you can read About, this is a personal finance blog aimed at documenting the journey of a young professional advancing in my career and in life – providing commentary, advice, or observations as I go.

A little background

It may help to know a little bit more about me and my goals as you gauge how useful the conversation here may be for your own journey.

I’m a late 20-something professional based in the Midwest. I happen to be in a tax consulting position at a firm (though, I am certainly not providing professional financial or tax advice here!), so have a natural interest in a variety of personal finance topics – budgeting, investments, tax policy, earning, saving, and spending money!

I have been in the workforce for about 8 years – coming out of the Great Recession  – which provided an interesting backdrop to the beginning of a career. I’ve reaped some benefits – my early 401k and IRA contributions where placed when the markets were certainly still recovering, and I’ve been able to ride a nice wave over the years to build a portfolio of investments and savings. At the same time, joining the workforce at such a time provided me with perhaps an even increased focus on job security, building a financial foundation, emergency fund, and being careful with how I spend. I consider myself to be a saver – though as my income has increased I have certainly loosened up some to spend money and enjoy the fruits of my labor. This blog will discuss that balance in detail as we go.

I’ve got a lot on my mind – from sharing how I’ve built my financial foundation and my future goals, endeavors in new homeownership, investment successes and failures, and life’s events. I hope you will join me as we get started!



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