Welcome to Young Professional Finance (YPF)

This blog is not supposed to be like ‘all the other’ personal finance blogs online, aimed it a millennial audience with fierce focus on early retirement or fast-track financial freedom.

Instead, YPF focuses on those young professionals who want to both enjoy their financial successes – smartly and intentionally – as well as build a nest-egg of knowledge, wealth, and stability over time. This won’t be the place to read about ‘how to survive on a $2.37 monthly food budget’ or other extreme techniques for earning or saving money. It will be a place to discussion balancing the necessity to smartly save for the future while ‘investing’ in lifetime memories and experiences (which may cost $$$). Us millennials want it all – here’s to the search!

At it’s core – it is a personal blog, helping to keep your Host (that’s me) accountable on my own personal finance journey as I navigate the obstacles, opportunities, twists and turns of life and a career beginning to mature as I quickly approach departing my 20’s and embracing my 30’s and everything that comes with that. Career promotions. Homeownership. Rental property investments. Marriage? Travel. Long-term investments. Big decisions. And life’s unexpected curveballs.  Thanks for joining – and I look forward to interacting with you!